We look forward to seeing you at Zippori Village


Effective June, 2022.
Includes the use of our private heated fresh-water swimming pool.

The Cottages:

  • Weekday for couple: 500 NIS
  • Weekend (for 2 nights): 1000 NIS
  • Weekend Friday night till Shabbat evening: 650 NIS
  • Children (over 3 years old): 100 NIS
  • Holidays (including 4 children): 1200 NIS per night
    Breakfast is not included.
    There is a well-stocked grocery in Moshav Zippori that has fresh bread each morning.
    The cottages are provided with coffee, tea, milk and other basic products.

The Castle:

  • 2800NIS weekdays, up to 18 people
  • 3200NIS Shabbat and holidays. (school holidays)
    The entire village can be ordered for your private group, up to 40 people for 7500NIS for a weeknight or 8500NIS Shabbat and holidays.
We are flexible about payments and credit terms.
Please contact us for any further details.

General Information

Check-in is any time after 3pm and check out is 11am on weekdays and whenever you want on Shabbat. These times are flexible, but if you have special requests, please let us know prior to your arrival.

Please contact us sometime during the week before your arrival to confirm your time of arrival and any special requests you may have.

We provide all bed-linen, towels, blankets and the houses are equipped with many other conveniences designed to make your stay more comfortable. Please contact us to check before you shlep up something you wont need.

The kitchens are equipped with a fridge, microwave, kettle, hot-plate, toaster, pots, pans, dishes, silverware as well as coffee, tea, sugar and milk.
Everything in the kitchen is kosher-dairy only, so please respect this.
If you use the kitchen, please have the consideration to wash the dishes and not leave a mess.
In “Zippori Village” we have vineyard and a winery where different vintages are produced each year. It’s possible to ask for a wine tasting and buy a bottle.
The wine is kosher with the Heksher provided by the Tsohar Rabbis.

A Torah Scroll is available and if it’s possible to hold services if there’s a minyan. There is alwas a minyan for kabalat Shabbat at the Bet Knesset of Zippori, a 10-minute walk. Otherwise there are alway services at the Bet Knesset of Hoshaya, either a ten minute drive or a half hour walk.

There is a TV that is hooked up to “Yes” (satellite television provider) .

There is a separate picnic area with its own BBQ pit. We dont provide charcoal but lighting fluid is available.

Our guests receive a 10% discount at Zippori National Park as well as discounts in many other local businesses and restaurants. Please check with us for details.

There is a grocery store on the moshav with a wide selection of goods as well as newspapers, local produce and picnic equipment. It is located in the center of the moshav, a 15-minute walk from the cottages.
It’s hours: Sun, Teus, and Weds from 7am till 5pm. Mon and Thurs from 7am till 7pm, and on Fri from 7am till 3pm.

There are several dogs residing in Zippori Village who provide entertainment and security for our guests. Please do not bring your own dog unless you have co-ordinated it with us and our dogs up front.

There is a huge grassy lawn for the kids as well as a playground and other attractions for the kids. Such as a small petting spot with turkeys and chickens.


Zippori Village Country Cottages is located inside of the Zippori Nature Reserve. Among our neighbors that you may encounter includes wild boars, hyenas and jackals (that you will hear howling at dusk), foxes, badgers, mongoose, wild peacocks, snakes (including vipers), mice, spiders, scorpions, etc. And in rare instances one of these may choose to visit your cottage. We use every means possible to prevent this. Our dogs prevent wild animals approaching, our cats patrol in order to catch mice and snakes, there are mouse traps hidden in discreet corners of the cottage as a second line defense. But none of these provide a 100% guarantee that you will not encounter something. If this poses a problem for you or anyone in your family you should possibly reconsider before planning to visit us or any sort of kibbutz or moshav accommodation located in a natural setting.


Cancellation Policy: 

Reservations on weekends and holidays are guaranteed only if we receive a security check or a credit card number up front.

There is usually no cancellation fee for any reservation cancelled or postponed up to two weeks in advance.

Cancellations or postponments made from 14 days to 48 hours before time of arrival are subject to a cancellation fee of 25% of the total reservation.

Any cancellation or postponement made in the last 48 hours before time of arrival is subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

Sorry if this seems harsh, but there is a large demand for the few cottages that we have at the peak times of weekends and holidays.

We do not “overbook”, so this is the only way we can guarantee your reservation.


Please try to help us care for the cottages and their furnishings as well as the surrounding grounds and gardens.
Alot of thought and love has gone into everything at Zippori Village and we hope it will be here to serve you for many years to come.


Thank you, Mitch and Suzy Pilcer

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